May is stroke awareness month and I have a story to tell you.

I was born meant to live with discomfort. I was born and technically wasn’t supposed to be born. The way it’s been described to me and the way I enjoy embellishing it proves that it was my…

Thank you for your thoughts.

  1. Hi
  2. Jalapeño
  3. It’s People of Color, right?
  4. We’re the same.
  5. How do you pronounce this?
  6. Oh, that’s not how you pronounce that.
  7. Are you sure?
  8. I think you’re wrong, lol
  9. I’m not racist but…..
  10. Let’s go to Chipotle.
  11. White people are the worst but check out my $60 dollar manicure.
  12. I one time dated a Spanish girl. She was from Puerto Rico.
  13. Das cool.
  14. Rojo.
  15. Uno.
  16. Does your whole family just scream Spanish?
  17. This is going to sound so bad but my maid growing was like my Mom. She looked like you, is that weird?
  18. Where did you grow up again?
  19. Really? I don’t see you from there.
  20. My Mom one time dated a Spanish guy. He was from Puerto Rico.

Yesterday I watched Aquaman which is this holiday season’s biggest block buster hit featuring my wet dream, Jason Mamoa (mimosa). Unfortunately, there was a crying baby in the theatre so I’m not really sure if I caught everything that happened. But from my experience watching Aquaman, these are my takeaways…


Becca Beberaggi is a Los Angeles based writer, visual artist, and singer (under her musical persona Roselina Albino) born and raised in New York City.

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