A “Candy Store” Poem

Photo by Sylvanus Urban on Unsplash

When I was a little girl I would go to the candy store.

Yes, the candy store.

My candy store.

The one around the corner from my house.

I would beg and I would cry until my Mother would let us outside.

My Mother had only one condition.

We had to buy a protein bar instead of candy (because my Mother likes to torture children).

Anyway, my Sister and I would go to the candy store.

We would get overwhelmed.

We would look at all the candy and say,

“Damn please enter my body today.”

So one day we stood in front of all that sweet delicious beautiful candy.

But that day was different.

That day we met our very first creepy old white man, in socks and sandals, and a cap.

Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

Which I must say is overkill.

I say creepy because he made a face.

A smug, wrinkly, smelly, and suggestive face.

And you might ask why?

Why, would an old man with socks and sandals and a terrible sense of style, ever look at my sister and I that way?

An adult kind of way.

This old man then came up behind my sister and I and leered and laughed and then asked us,

“Which candy do you want me to buy? Is it this one or this one or this one?”

We could pick any he said. He was our guy.

And my sister and I looked at each other with our stomachs seeping out of our butt holes and said in unison,

“I don’t think we don’t need protein bars today!”

And then he told us how cute we were.

And we were like,

“This is very informative of what our future experience as women will be like.”


Becca Beberaggi is a Los Angeles based writer, visual artist, and singer (under her musical persona Roselina Albino) born and raised in New York City.